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Mind Body Revival Sessions- How they work?

How is it intuitive?
Rather than a gut feel or something akin to a vision, it is a system which utilizes a unique method whereby I get a surge through my nervous system in response to a silent internally asked question. This is similar to a weak or strong muscle energy test used in Applied Kinesiology, except it is much quicker. This enables me to swiftly choose between numerous documents on the desktop of my computer (and then relevant information within those documents) in order to get information pointing toward the cause, energetic & physical systems impacted (if that's useful), relevant energy work and other possible solutions or suggestions.

An understanding of this isn't required in order to get results. An open mind however is more than useful!


How is this possible?
I believe my nervous system has a unique sensitivity as a result of having had the shingles while in the womb.

Several years ago I experienced unusual degrees of jolting and what I could only describe as surges of energy (which I couldn’t account for) when I first started a committed meditation practice. Around that time while trying unsuccessfully to master self muscle energy testing, in frustration I tried pointing my pen at various words on a page to see if I could get some form of indication and that is when I got a surge through my nervous system. Over a short period this became 3 distinct surges or pulses and then as I continued to practice and experiment it refined itself to an involuntary blink.


Essentially I understand that like muscle energy testing or using a pendulum, it is my deep subconscious expressing itself through my nervous system and, furthermore I believe that each of our respective nervous systems are sensitive to the broader electromagnetic field, which in turn is connected to a greater unified field. My current belief is that I am picking up on another’s nervous system (& hence subconscious) via the electromagnetic and/or unified field. Naturally I’m aware this may be a stretch for many to believe and I’m also open to this explanation and understanding becoming more refined, or indeed replaced by a better model over time.

Why is working in this way so effective?
Predominantly because the subconscious is more relevant to our physical function than our conscious mind and for the most part we like to kid ourselves that it isn’t! In other words it's largely the underlying thinking (typically negative, worrisome, fearful or doubtful) that matters, whether that is acknowledged or not.

With this process, I in effect surrender to my subconscious and bypass any preconceived ideas or biases in order to come up with the problems in the clients subconscious which are the cause (or at least a contributing factor) to a physical ailment.

In my experience this essentially ‘cuts to the chase’ and you can get on with changing things in a way which makes a real difference.

Note that for significant, lasting results wise ongoing actions and choices in daily life are needed.

How does it change how you feel, think and degree of pain and energy levels?

The answer to this is multi-faceted:
* Through becoming more aware of the underlying cause(s) and accepting and understanding that it’s having a more significant impact on the physical body than realised provides clarity and often greater urgency and desire to do something about it. Of course the ‘doing something about it’ part varies widely for different people with different challenges and could be a process of multiple or onoing steps.
* Reframing and thus thinking about the underlying problem differently can be part of the sessions, by my reckoning if you think differently you’ll feel differently as a feeling is basically a thought(s) which manifests in the body. Put simply these feelings, depending on their severity and duration, result in tension, pain, fatigue and physical dysfunction.
* Energy work (see next question for more) changes energetic patterns which in turn impacts thought patterns in addition to increased energy in the short term. There is also a cumulative effect from the positive impact of several sessions of energy work within a short period which makes a more significant difference. While many other alternative practioners may object to such a comparison I liken this to a pill which provides a significant boost but is most effective when combined with some form of other changes and actions, as touched upon above.
*Breaking a cycle of thinking/feeling and creating a more positive and energised state, which needs to be capitalized on through the change in action and choices in daily life as mentioned.


What is energy work and why is it useful?
This is a tricky one to answer. Many people in the West are familiar with Energy being referred to in yoga and many popular forms of meditation as Kundalini, while in Traditional Chinese Medicine/acupuncture it is chi (qi) that’s manipulated. In short when this energy is flowing optimally it positively impacts the function of all physical systems. It’s flow is influenced by our state of mind, which again is basically about the nature of (largely subconscious) thoughts. However energy can also be manipulated through intention and visualisation. This is something I initially experienced, then learnt, then through dedicated practice became proficient. I understand this idea can seem irrational and illogical too many as it once was to me. 

It's useful because as explained not only do thoughts effect energy but when you are energised you think better, which of course results in feeling better. Getting that significant energetic boost and shift is really helpful when stuck in low energetic state.

Read more about energy work and the energetic body.


Seems really complicated, is it?
It can be for me and it certainly has been a long and windy path to get this method to the current point but for the client it is generally a lot simpler and in essence it is about addressing the underlying problems, which typically they’ll be broadly aware of but underestimate the impact it’s having physically. I should add that my approach is certainly not a panacea nor the only way forward, this blog posts tells a story of how simple it can actually be to get free of a significant short term problem- 'Healing a mind body problem can be as simple as this.'

Do you have further questions or need more explanation or clarity? Contact me.


*While Mind Body Revival Sessions have helped produced some remarkable results it is no substitute for specific medical or health treatment. It is best treated as a coaching performance method.

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