---About Me---

I’ve been committed to health and fitness since age 20 when I found a structured running program transformative. Although I’d played several sports and been on and off with weight training for some time, experiencing significant increase in fitness over 10 weeks really taught me the power of  committing to a structured exercise routine.

Since 1993, when I first qualified as a Fitness Instructor I’ve been committed to ongoing learning, had a wide range of experiences and roles helping others.

This has included Managing the Gym floor of a large corporate CBD health club, conducting over 500 boxercise classes for corporates & school kids, presenting to corporate groups such as HSBC & Optus and implementing advanced programs for semi-professional athletes and teams.

This of course is in addition to the thousands of Personal Training sessions for a vast range of clients ranging from young children to 80 year olds, to middle aged corporates. As well as training and rehab for those with knee & back injuries and sufferers of stroke and brain damage.

I’ve seen vast change in the health and fitness industry including a much broader, and often thus more confusing range of services and options. I draw upon all my experience to help bring clarity for clients and to make your precious training time and effort as effective as possible.

With age, experience and injury/illness I’ve come to understand the importance of a considered approach to fitness training, programing and the vastly understated role the mind plays in Physical function and health.

The way our thoughts, stress and emotions effect our body has been a source of fascination for me since I first heard of the idea 20 years ago. Recently I completed Cert IV in Life Coaching and gained increased understanding of habits, goals, actions and related thinking, along with more knoweldge around how to make effective change.

Aside from all that I’ve recently been training and competing in Obstacle Course Racing
and 5-7km community fun runs. This has brought new life to my own training and new
perspectives and ideas around physical and mental performance. I also enjoy golf, bushwalking,
having a beer with friends and watching comedy.


​If you’re wondering if I can help you with any aspect of your well-being,
please give me a call on 0417 483 732 or drop me a note.

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