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 “I have referred patients to Ashley for rehabilitation and conditioning. This has included workers compensation cases and patients with specific postural and strength deficiencies. Ashley’s work is of the highest professional and ethical standards.”            

S. Couch Chiropractor Manly Vale NSW

“Ashley has trained me specifically for the Melbourne & Dublin marathons in addition to the Sydney & Melbourne half marathons. He has an excellent all round knowledge of fitness related disciplines including nutrition and bio-mechanics.”  

Peter Welch, Crows Nest NSW

“Through Ash’s sensible, graduated approach tailored to my capabilities & limitations such as arthritis I have moved from the bottom percentile in fitness for my age to the top 10%. Ash has also assisted with diet & provides a positive outlook on life."

Ian. O. Mosman NSW

Ash Radford Client testimonials

“Ash was a big part of my brothers recovery from a terrible road accident. Ash worked with David two or three times weekly on fitness, diet and good general health and this resulted in Dave gaining a level of health and a quality of life that was not thought possible after his accident. What they achieved together was remarkable"                            

M.Emery, Belrose NSW

“Ashley has an extensive anatomical knowledge as a result of his own research and courses he has attended. This means he's able to instruct his clients on injury prevention & never hesitates to question us over about any complex injury that may arise. I’m confident that any client I refer will receive excellence in in their training."  

Julia Leigh, Director Julia Leigh Physiotherapy

“I had an audacious goal to lose 10kgs in 12 months for my wedding. Ash developed a tailored program which included both diet & exercise. With Ash’s support I was able to lose 10kgs & felt fabulous on my wedding day!”                                                    

Mrs J. Jeffs, Belrose, NSW

“I have used Ashley’s services to improve my strength, flexibility and posture. It is no co-incidence that my physical improvements have coincided with qualifying for the Australasian tour.”                                                                       

Ben Burge, Golf Tour Pro

“Thanks for your help Ash. You have made a significant difference to my strength and flexibility and the fact I can now walk and run without pain (after 9 months of limping) is a fantastic result.
Strongly recommend Ash for anyone searching for a quality PT that can provide a difference approach/perspective on an individual basis. Also perfect for the traditional PT for motivation to kick start a fitness campaign."

Sean Lovett, Belrose, NSW

“I have trained with Ash Radford twice a week with a girlfriend for 7 months now. I just love it. It’s always very challenging, but also great fun. Ash is very knowledgeable on all things health & fitness. He keeps the sessions interesting by incorporating a variety of exercises. I am a lot fitter now than I ever imagined I could be. It has become my favourite part of the week.”                   

B. Wiles, Collaroy, NSW

“Ash is an excellent trainer and adapts a tailored PT session based on your needs and abilities. My husband and I both train with him and he has helped increase our strength and fitness levels. We would both highly recommend him!"                       

Peggy, Davidson, NSW

“Ash is a true professional. He always has the right balance between variety and repetition. He seemlessly adapts exercises to accommodate any niggling injuries and differentiation between my husband's and my strength and capabilities over the past year. I have received positive feedback from my doctor's about how I have increased bone density due to the weight training with Ash. I really do recommend his methods and calm nature."                   

Felicity Brandon, Belrose, NSW

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