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 Ash Radford- Mobile Personal Trainer Frenchs Forest area

Ready to take action with your fitness?

Are you struggling for motivation, or not sure what you should be doing…

Why use a personal trainer?

Personal training works because you commit to an hour of focused exercise. Make appointments for regular training sessions and progress happens. Getting fit doesn't remain just an idea- you actually get it done!

It’s not only about training hard. A personal trainer ensures exercise is at a suitable level.

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Why choose Ash as your Personal Trainer?

* Your training is truly personalised.
There’s a level of specificity only possible through using a personal trainer with 25 years experience.


* Safe, proven & achievable exercises.
I’m not swayed by the latest fad or so-called ‘best way to exercise.’ I draw upon my extensive knowledge to train you in an appropriate way. Fancy gear and trendy exercises doesn’t equal great training.


* Work around, and improve, injuries.
Having experience with rehabilitation and training people with brain damage, stroke,
autism and parkinsons disease, I have the capacity to keep you moving despite limitations.
What’s more many physical issues improve.


* Stress levels and ageing are considered.

Extensive experience with middle aged corporates means I understand how demanding
work and family life can be. I've an awareness of how stress affects your body. I also consider
he realities of ageing.


* I’m pleasant and like to make people feel at ease.
I strive to care for you. It’s personal training not a bootcamp. Getting uncomfortable is part of effective exercise but humour, empathy and enjoyment go a long way to making it repeatable as well. "It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice!"

Where, when, how much?


I come to you so it’s time effective. Your home, local park or even workplace can be ideal places for effective PT sessions.

I'm not just a Personal Trainer in Frenchs Forest, I'm mobile and cover nearby suburbs too.

You’ll find that $80 per 1 hour session is competitively priced.
You can also train with a friend for $50 each. (small group rates also available).
No contracts or elaborate packages.


If you’re ready to change how you feel, function, perform or look 
then contact me to find out more or book a session.

#1 Most Popular Health & Fitness Service in the Northern Beaches
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