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Do you have the drive and motivation to exercise but need some direction, structure and knowledge? Perhaps you are training for a particular event and need a smart plan which will maximise performance while miminimising risk of injury…..

Let's face it if you truly want to change your performance or body you need a proper program, otherwise you'll probably be only wasting your precious time.

After 2 decades I still love putting together exercise programs for people and have done so for marathon runners, dualthletes, cricketer’s, golfers, soccer players, people rehabilitating from injury and those simply wanting to get fit. Through this range of experience I’ve learnt how to choose a mix of exercise’s and training intensities and durations which don’t overload a particular muscle group or joint, resulting in balanced physical development.

Rather than purely basing programming on Sports Science I consider the practicalities of your life such as: available facilities, your schedule and what you enjoy. The process is in large part collaborative.

Effective programs need to be progressive, flexible and specific to not only your goals but any physical limitations or injuries.

Whether you simply need a single Workout Program [click here to view example programs & explanation] or a broader Training Plan [click here to view example plan & explanation] plus Workout Programs and appropriate support, I’m confident I can design something to boost your energy and performance.

Fitness Program Packages

Workout Program- a specific and progressive program personalised to your needs.
* 30 minute in person or Skype session 
* 3 months email/phone support
All for $100

Goal Focus Package- focus in on achieving what you want with a structured purposeful plan.
* 2 x 1 hour skype or face to face sessions.
* 1 x Training Plan
* 1-2 Workout Programs
* 3 months email/phone support
All for $250

* Pro Focus Packagewhether you want to eclipse a personal best time, make some serious changes to your body composition or take your sporting performance to a new level this is most likely the the option for you. 
* 3 x 1 hour skype or face to face sessions.
* 2 x Training plans
* 2-3 Workout Programs
* 3-6 months email/phone support {Note- duration of support can vary if training for an event(s)}
All for $350                                                                 

Note- While there is structure with these options, not always are individuals needs neatly covered by those structures, so I strive to give appropriate value by doing what's best & within reason. An example could be that in the Goal Focus or Pro Focus package you don't need any/ as many Workout Programs but need more detail & attention given to Training Plan's.

None of those options work for you? Or not sure exactly what you want or need? Get in touch and we’ll see how I can tailor something for you.           

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