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NEW!  Covid 19 Home exercise programming special

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Get (or keep!) moving with a time effective, practical exercise program you can do at home. This special is designed to help you stay active & maintain body & mind through the current challenges. You can get tremendous value from this $90 investment.

How it works- The first session is primarily discussing what you are looking for from the exercise program. This would also involve discussion around exercise history and current physical condition and/or challenges. This could also involve doing some movement assessment and trying some basic exercises so wearing exercise gear is suggested. As this is very much individualised and personalised it may be that you start on parts of the program in this session.

Most likely the 2nd session will involve going through the program in it's entirety (with the program having been put together based on discussions from session 1). There may need to be adjustments made, which would be done within a day and the amended and completed program would then emailed.

How long- Ideally you'll be underway with your new home program within 3-4 days. This of course is subject to mutually suitable times in scheduling the 2 sessions. You then also have the option to email or call with any questions for 6 weeks, as you move ahead with your program.

Note- As this is not a systemised or generic approach there is some flexibility around what's provided i.e. if you want a broader exercise plan rather an actual set workout program that is fine. Similarly the program can feature several or 1 of the follwoing aspects- strength, cardio, stability & flexibility. I strive to provide value by meeting your needs and wants as much as practically possible.

Schedule your appointment prior to payment by contacting me.


You'll then receive an email confirming session time and day and also be asked to complete a questionaire which will help make the session most time effective by giving a sense of goals, fitness levels and other relevant individual details.


Payments are in Australian dollars. Please refer to international currency converter for other currency's.


If you prefer to pay by bank transfer please contact me for details.

Covid 19 Home exercise programming special         $90 Aud

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