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---Mind Body Testimonials---

"Truly amazing session. No hip pain or tight back and very little sweating. Knew something was in there stuffing me up and had no idea what the weight was. You're inspirational.”                                                              Simon.H. Forestville, NSW

" I was diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis (also known as Chronic Fatigue syndrome) in 2006 and was off work for just over a year. Since then there have been ups and downs due to ill health. With Ash’s help though I have certainly moved forward on my journey. I have benefited from his healing and have released things I never thought I would. I am now more confident in myself and my abilities. My knee pain had diminished and knee pain reduced significantly"              

                                                                                                               P. King, London, UK  

 " In 2010 I started to experience exhaustion, mood swings and pain. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2013. After a year of treatment most symptoms had lessened or subsided but my exhaustion was chronic. I began to suspect there were underlying 'spiritual/ energetic' reasons causing the disease. In 2015 I tried a skype session with Ash Radford. Over the course of six sessions Ash identified, cleared and treated the energetic root causes to my symptoms. He provided me with some simple exercises to further aid healing. Within a couple of months my energy stabilized. To quantify my condition and current state of wellness; Lyme infection: Energy reduced by 90% (bedridden, unable to work) With conventional treatment: Energy reduced by 50% (able to work part time) Post sessions with Ash: Energy stabilized! I cannot sing Ash Radford's praises enough. He takes you on an energetic adventure that is results driven, impacting in ways that Western and even Eastern medicine fall short."                                                                                Kristin Bredimus, London, UK

​​"I had a skype session with Ash for a tearing pain in my upper right arm that I had for several months. It began when I used my arm to lift myself up onto a high wall and I thought I had torn a muscle. Several months and numerous treatments later it was not much better. Ash helped me identify the underlying emotional cause and beliefs that led to the injury, helped me clear them and I'm happy to say I haven't had any pain in my arm since!”                                      

                                                                                                       Auralia, Byron Bay, NSW 

"I teach yoga and movement. During a session with Ash Radford, he brought up my left hip. At that point, it had been tight and aching for a few months. I believed it was from just working it too hard teaching and sitting too much at computer. I assumed, with enough stretching, it would ultimately work itself out. It did not. I did not mention it to Ash, but he intuitively found an energetic blockage that was connected to my hip and began the clearing process with one of his many tools. My grateful body heard him. After the next time I taught yoga for 4 1/2 hours in a row, my hip felt right as rain. It is still improving, despite my continued teaching and sitting. If Ash had not discovered the blockage, I might still be suffering in silence today."                                                       Del.L. Long Beach, Calafornia

"I recently had a session with Ash Radford. My Life has totally transformed since this session, wow! Ash saw many things in my life and my body that are true, he is spot on! This was such a deep and healing experience that I would recommend this to anyone seeking to transform their life for the better. I have more abundance of love, money, and even a new boyfriend, the love of my life. I felt so supported soon after the session, a feeling I've not had before in my life. Just do it, go see him, you will never look back!"       
Philippa-Lee McKenzie, Central Coast, NSW

*While Mind Body Revival Sessions have helped produced some remarkable results it is no substitute for specific medical or health treatment. It is best treated as a coaching performance method.

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