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      Training Plan

    example and explanation

A Training Plan features multiple different sessions mapped out over a period of months. It is often used to train for an event such as a 10km run or a half marathon, but can be also used to enhance any aspect of fitness, change body composition or for sports performance.

It will often include testing in order to measure improvement and give updated information to help set the intensity for upcoming sessions.

It provides not only an overview and plan but also some session specifics and detail. Consideration is given to progression, intensity, recovery, variety and overall amount of training.

See the example below of a duathlon plan. Although this particular program gives an indicator of my programming style i.e. training all aspects such as endurance and speed in the same phase, it is still individualised and not suitable for anyone to simply follow. I have crossed out various sections of the program to discourage people from using it.

The general principle and format of the program was used by a novice runner who came 9th (female) in half marathon, never having previously run further than 7km before. While the middle aged male who used the program was actually designed for lost more than 7kg of body fat and shocked his friends with his duathlon time.

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