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  Workout Program

    examples and explanation

A Workout Program is a detailed program often done multiple times per week and often based around weights and resistance exercises (although not always, as it could predominantly feature cardiovascular, flexibility, stability, rehabilitation, speed/agility exercises or indeed a combination of those).

Workout programs consist of detail and specifics around exercises such as level of resistance/weight, number of sets and repetitions. In addition to guides to intensity, duration and rest periods. Of course technique pointers are also a part of a comprehensive program.

Naturally they are very individualised and thus the 2 examples shown below, should not be copied or assumed to be suitable to you and your specific needs. (Hence the XXXX out parts to discourage use.) They are only an example of programing style and to give a general sense of what you could reasonably expect.


Begginer Program
This example includes weight/resistance training, cardiovascular training and flexibility and stability exercises with a view to also reducing low back soreness. Although designed for a beginner the fundamentals of this program would apply and be effective even for those with years of experience exercising.

Begginers program 3-page-001.jpg

Advanced Program
This program includes very specific and targetted stretching for the clients individual needs. As well as some exercises which are specific to the sport. The client had a level of familiarity with many of the exercises and methods as this was the 3rd Workout Program I'd designed for her. It is very technical and specific and suitably challenging for someone very committed to representing at a high level.

Advanced Workout Program Elite Female dr
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