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The true reasons personal training works (& it's not why you think)

Updated: Jun 10

People tend to think personal training is about being pushed through pain or being inspired by uplifting words or instruction which means perfect form. While all those aspects matter, here’s what I've found makes personal training work most: * YOU GET EXERCISE DONE AND DONE REGULARLY It’s pretty simple but scheduling and committing to a workout matters a lot, and for most people it's the greatest challenge. There’s no other way to improve your fitness or change your body other than to tally up consistent exercise sessions over time. Intensity, exercise selection and brilliant technique can’t make up for lack of frequency. The reality is Personal Training is mainly about just making exercise happen, often when people don't want to (& otherwise wouldn't) do it. Getting it done is the basis of any client’s achievement. * MAINTAINS MOTIVATION IN A SUBTLE, SUSTAINABLE WAY

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I don’t need to yell or convince to people to move and can't really think of any magic slogans I use, yet I distinctly recall a client telling me a PT session with me is worth 2 done on his own. I think there’s a few reasons why: - -A sustainable and professional tailored program means people feel they're getting fit- progress from effort is a great motivator. -My mere presence keeps the client focused enough to ensure a productive workout. Busy people tend to exhaust their limited amounts of focus in other areas. You could say focus is a bi-product of motivation but it can work the other way- if you focus you get a roll on, make progress and then establish a loop of regular action, a process which motivates.

-People respond well to praise. A few positive words keeps them going. -People typically let themselves off the hook if left to their own devices. They don't do the range of exercises or go for as long as in a PT session. Personal training clients get it all done and make a habit of it. -A critical part of long term motivation is the change of identity. This is how one views themselves. If you think of yourself as a fit, athletic person you’re more likely to take actions to fit that sense of identity. Over time, as fitness increases, you not only ingrain a routine but have that subtle change of identity that drives you to exercise. *THERE IS A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PAYMENT & COMMITMENT Clients who have a personal trainer paid for, by a family member or spouse, are never as committed. They’re literally not invested. This can change with time, as it isn't rare for someone who disliked exercise to have a shift in motivation as they notice results and find it easier to bear (& change identity as explained). However, how much someone pays usually reflects how much they value it. You can imagine being likely to be on time for a 1 hour session you've paid $500 for! Personal Training doesn't cost that much, but the point is that part of committing is paying. When a business holds an event to attract client’s, attendance rate is higher when there's a fee- in part due to the perception it must be of value and also because of a tendency to want to see a return for the money forked out. *PREVENTS THE PROBLEM OF INITIAL OVER ENTHUSIASM This might be surprising, as it’s the opposite of how many imagine Personal Training works. Training at an appropriate intensity matters and it takes knowledge and experience to get right, it's also a big part of sound exercise programming. The excitement and enthusiasm which comes when you committ to an event like a half marathon or an 8 week weight loss challenge can actually kill the forming of an exercise habit. Go too hard too soon and you invite injury, which stops progress and can cost time and money. An effective personal trainer manages initial intensity and keeps clients away from the danger zone.

*GETS YOU DOING IT ALL. I saw some middle-aged men in the park the other day squeezing a fairly intense workout into their lunch break. The session was clearly productive, but a workout under my direction would have looked very different. There were too many stair runs, too many push ups and too many jerking sit ups for my liking. At the same level of effort they could have been using a broader range of exercises to spread the workload across the body. This’d result in better overall development and less chance of injury. My point is not that the workout was dangerous but in comparison a typical Personal Training session includes an array of exercises and aspects of fitness i.e., strength training, cardio, core stability and stretching. The effect is a workout steady in intensity, varied and well-rounded which places limited strain on any particular joint. In short it's time effective. *FEATURES EXERCISES THAT ARE COMPLIMENTARY TO ONE ANOTHER AND COLLECTIVELY EFFECTIVE There are no magic exercises but a knowledge of suitable exercises that are effective helps. There’s an art to selecting exercises which together don't overload a particular muscle group or joint. I’m always trying to come up with a blend of movements that cover the whole body and mean there’s an intensity that can be sustained throughout the session, without need for immense drive. It’s a skill that comes with experience and a true benefit of investing in sessions with an experienced Personal Trainer. Are you interested in the benefits of Personal Training? Want to get your fitness routine kick started? Get in touch and we'll see how I can help. I offer mobile personal training at your home or nearby park which makes it very convenient and time effective. If you live in Frenchs Forest, Belrose, Davidson, Terrey Hills, St Ives, Forestville, Killarney Heights, Roseville, East Linfield, Seaforth, Mosman I can come to you.

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