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The 3 things I've noticed successful personal training clients do

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

To get and stay fit takes consistent effort over time. There is no other way.

What though do people who succeed through personal training do to make that happen?

Here’s what I’ve noticed is common among clients who’ve made, and maintained, big changes in fitness:


Those who commit from the start, succeed.

It’s a similar effect to what’s been reported with the CSIRO well-bring diet. Those who start strong have greater long term success.

There’s a level of time and effort needed to get a tangible return. Fall short of that and the effort you do make feels less worthwhile. This has a direct effect on motivation.

It doesn’t need to become the most important thing in life. It does move up the priority list though of those who succeed at getting fit.

It’s not taking a ‘no pain, no gain’ approach either. A moderate level is best for making exercise repeatable. The wise also accept there’ll be a level of discomfort at times.

Turning up on time and being willing to take instruction are what the successful do too.

These people don't start hoping inspiration comes later. They know committed action brings results and things flow from there.

Many find they're too busy to be consistent at the start. It seems like an unusual period- it rarely is. In my experience it's the regular situation.

A lot of people think it’ll get easier to find time and energy in the future. Not likely! Those who succeed commit while busy.

There can a need to try things before fully committing. Trying something out though can take giving it a decent go. You want to know if it works, and not much does without some commitment.


They plan it, they lock it in the diary. It’s not a rigid approach though, they adapt and look to make it happen when other things come up. They mainly tend to exercise at the same time and place. This cuts the chances of scheduling errors and conflicts. It also helps with making exercise a solid habit.

They get organised too.

They show up with gear and clothes ready.

They buy equipment as and when needed.

These things aren’t urgent so they can get overlooked. It’s easy to put off buying dumbbells for a week or 2 but that can extend to months. Organised people get these simple tasks done.

Being planful extends to following a program when exercising alone. They don’t turn up and do what they feel like.

Doing whatever exercise takes your fancy, is better than nothing. It falls way short though of following a structured plan. That will give much better results, with the same time taken.


Personal Trainer in Belrose instructing stretching

Massive change is hard to sustain with the demands of modern life.

Some people start with a plan to exercise hard 6 times a week, after doing nothing for years. They rarely last beyond a week or two. Failure and dejection follow.

The group who really develop their fitness usually start with 2- 4 sessions per week. They avoid the trap of initial over enthusiasm. They also accept that one workout a week won’t improve fitness much either.

Being real about outcomes matters too. Losing 15kg in 3 months is rare. To be more specific, losing that much that fast and then keeping it off is rare. Losing fat while adding some muscle is a process. Just as making exercise a long term habit takes time.

This may seem to go against the point that you need to commit and prioritise at the start. The difference is though it's about committing to a goal that's achievable. It's another thing that personal training clients who make lasting change do.

Going from zero to marathon hero within months is a great story but in truth not the best approach.

Part of being realistic is accepting the need for repetition as well. No one likes it when things get mundane, and some variety helps to maintain interest. In truth though, to get competent with fitness, like anything else, takes practice. Plain and simple.


Had a shift in your view about what it takes to make real change with exercise?

Realised something that’s holding you back from achieving your goals?

Or you might be ready to commit to some sessions with an experienced Personal Trainer. Want to get your fitness routine kick started? Get in touch and we'll see how I can help. I offer mobile personal training in and around Belrose, at your home or nearby park.


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