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5 great things about mobile personal training

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

I've been going to homes and parks for personal training for a couple of decades. It's 2nd nature to me but a foreign concept to many.

Here's 5 great things about mobile personal training: 1. IT'S CONVENIENT AND TIME EFFECTIVE So many people blame lack of time for not exercising. When a personal trainer comes to you, there's time saved on travel.

It's an appointment in the diary- workouts actually happen! What's more, you get an hour of focused exercise. It cuts the dithering and increases time effectiveness. 2. YOU GET MORE VARIETY It's not practical for me to carry around a rowing machine or treadmill. Although they're great for continous cardio exercise, the repetition can get boring.

In place of exercise machines comes circuits featuring a wide range of exercises. This includes: walking (flat, hills & stairs), jogging, boxing, strength training, and more.

Rarely are 2 personal training sessions the same. Variety is the spice of life! In personal training sessions you get plenty of it. 3. IT MAKES FITNESS FUNCTIONAL 'Functional fitness' is a trendy term. It's simply exercises like movements in daily life. Think of functions like picking things up, getting up and down from a chair and balancing.

This focus on basic movements means an absence of machines. Fitness is functional with mobile personal training because there aren't any machines! There's more demand for core stability and balance, plus a greater range of muscles used. 4. OFTEN IT'S OUTDOORS AND THIS MEANS GREATER MENTAL HEALTH BENEFIT My personal training in Forestville, and surrounding suburbs, happens in leafy areas. These areas are on the fringe of bushland and natural waterways.

Many studies have shown the benefits for mental health from spending time in nature. Combine that with the positive effects from exercise and you're onto a stress-busting winner!

A nice park, backyard or bush track make a great setting for a personal training session. It can be even more mobile by moving around in a session to different spots for a few minutes of exercise.

Man stretching in personal training at Forestville

5. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE NEGATIVE ASPECTS OF THE GYM You know what I mean- the terrible music, all the mirrors, feeling like you're in a factory.

Did I mention the sweaty, smelly people you share the gear with?

Then there's the young men storming around the place like angry pit bull terriers.

I'd forgotten about all those things, till I went into a local gym last year. Some gyms aren't that bad, but some people aren't gym people either!

Another benefit is you learn how much you can do with little equipment. You can take that knowledge and habit anywhere in the world! Get in touch if you'd like to know more about personal training in Forestville and surrounding areas.


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