• Ash Radford

5 great things about mobile personal training

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

I've been going to people's homes and parks for personal training sessions for a couple of decades now. It's 2nd nature to me but is probably a foreign concept to many. Here's 5 great things about mobile personal training: 1. IT'S CONVENIENT AND TIME EFFECTIVE So many people blame lack of time for not exercising. Because mobile personal training means the gym comes to you, you'll save a decptive amount of travel time. It's an appointment in the diary, this results in workouts actually happening. What's more you get an hour of focused, quality, effective exercise done. It eliminates procrastination and so increases time effectiveness. 2. YOU PROBABLY GET MORE VARIETY It's impractical for me to carry around a rowing machine or treadmill. While such pieces of equipment are undoubtedly great for getting continous cardio exercise done, it can mean you repeat the same old workouts over and over again. Without the big pieces of equipment it means more circuit style activity and diverse range of exercises. This includes but isn't limited to walking (on the flat, up hills up stairs), jogging, boxing, step ups, resistance training, star jumps, and much more! Rarely are 2 mobile personal training sessions the same. Variety is the spice of life! In personal training sessions you get plenty of it. 3. IT MAKES FITNESS FUNCTIONAL 'Functional fitness' is a trendy term. Basically it's exercises like movements done in daily life. This includes picking things up, putting things down, getting up and down from a chair, balancing and controlling the things you lift. It's really focusing on fundamantal movements and essentially means an absence of machines. It's inevitable that fitness is functional with mobile personal training simply because there aren't any machines! This means more development of core stability and balance, plus there is a broader range of muscles used. 4. OFTEN IT'S OUTDOORS AND THIS MEANS GREATER MENTAL HEALTH BENEFIT My mobile personal training in Frenchs Forest and surrounding suburbs such as Seaforth and Roseville happens in really leafy areas. Often these places are on the fringe of bushland and natural waterways. Many studies have shown the benefits for mental health from spending time in nature. Exercise in nature and you combine that with the multitude of positive effects of exercise for mind and body. It's a real stress-busting winner! A nice park, backyard or bushtrack can be combined to make a great setting for a mobile personal training session. In fact it can become even more literally mobile as you can travel by foot within a session to various points for short periods of resistance training, boxing, stretching etc. I've done some great personal training sessions in and around Garigal National Park which is nestled amongst the Northern Sydney suburbs of St Ives, Terrey Hill, Belrose, Frenchs Forest, Davidson, Forestville, Killarney Heights, Roseville, East Lindfield and Seaforth.

Mobile personal trainer instructing client in a park

5. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE YUKKY ASPECTS OF THE GYM You know what I mean- the terrible music, the plethora of mirrors, the sense you're in a factory because the machines look so industrial. Did I mention the sweaty and smelly people who you share the equipment with? Then there's the young men grunting and storming around the place like angry pit bull terriers. I'd forgotten about all those things, till I went into a local gym last year. Some gym's aren't that bad but some people aren't gym people either! Another great benefit is you learn just how much you can do with minimal equipment. You can then take that knowledge and habit anywhere in the world! Get in touch if you'd like to know more about mobile personal training and live in or near Frenchs Forest, Belrose, Davidson, Terrey Hills, St Ives, Forestville, Killarney Heights, Roseville, East Linfield, Seaforth, Mosman.

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