---Personal Training---

Ready to take action with your fitness?

Perhaps you are struggling for motivation, structure or just don’t know what or how you should be doing…

Why personal training?


Personal training works because you commit to an hour of focused exercise. As you consistently string these training sessions together change and transformation take plus.

 It’s not just about getting the training done either, it’s about ensuring the exercises and overall training are effective and appropriate.

Why with Ash?

What’s the difference?

Ash Radford, Personal Trainer

* With over 20 years experience I have the ability to truly personalise your training to your specific needs.


* I’m not swayed by the latest fad or so-called ‘best way to exercise.’ I draw upon my extensive knowledge to train you in an appropriate and practical way.


* Due to my experience with rehabilitation and training those with challenges such as brain damage and stroke I have the capacity to work around injuries.

* Extensive experience with middle aged corporates means I understand the demands of high pressure work and how stress affects your body.

* I’m pleasant and like to make people feel at ease. I strive to care for you- the client.

Where, when, how much?


To make it time effective I come to or near you. Your home or park or even workplace can be ideal places for effective training.

My mobile personal training covers Frenchs Forest, Terrey Hills, Belrose, Davidson, Forestville, Killarney Heights, Roseville Chase, East Lindfield, Seaforth & Mosman. Also available beyond those suburbs subject to time and day availability.

You’ll find that $75 per 1 hour session is very competitively priced.
You can also train with a friend for $45 each. (small group rates also available).
No contracts or elaborate packages to mention.


If you’re ready to change how you feel, function, perform or look 
then contact me to find out more or book a session.