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Another 2 things successful personal training clients do

This article is a continuation of an article titled 'The 3 things I've noticed successful personal training clients do', which you can read by clicking here.

They don’t overload themselves with information or look for the perfect way
Man exercising on rowing machine
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The ones who get lasting results do plan and research. Yet they don’t go overboard with getting informed. Nor do they look for the perfect way forward.

They take action and start, despite not feeling 100% ready. They know that feeling totally ready may never happen.

I’ve had clients who get pre-occupied with finding the best method that’ll unlock magic results. They waste time and energy and lose focus. It’s easy to lose sight of what matters most- getting exercise done.

The successful people are smart enough to know that a good program done well, and often, trumps a brilliant program done occasionally.

It’s easy to fall prey to shiny object syndrome. This is the tendency to be drawn to flashy alternatives that offer a faster, cheaper, sexier or smarter way. Often the basic, conventional path is just as good, if not better.

Being invested in doing the fundamentals of fitness well will take you a long way.

They don’t live chaotically

The successful personal training clients have pretty stable lives.

While I’m a believer that getting fit can provide much needed structure to life (like it did for me). And that succeeding with this structure can then be applied to other aspects in life, trying to get fit while life is chaotic is hard. It’s like trying to build a mansion on sand.

Adopting an exercise routine isn’t easy. That’s why there’s a big industry built around it. Making that change and cementing it takes some focus and effort. Chaos is the antithesis of that.

It’s tricky because health and fitness always matter but sometimes circumstances make it tough to address. It can be best to sort out life complications before having a serious tilt at getting fit.

If however, you know you do live chaotically, and if it is in your power to change that, getting fit could be part of the solution.

It’s primarily about awareness, honesty and being real.

I can hardly remember anyone over 25+ years in the fitness industry who’s made progress amidst chaos. At the very least some exercise during upheaval can help keep people functioning, which is still of great value.

What do you need to do to make fitness stick?

Perhaps this post has shifted your perspective about what it takes to make real change with exercise.

Have you realised an area that’s holding you back from achieving fitness goals?

Can you now go about getting and staying fit in a better way?

It could be the start of a pivotal lifestyle change….


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