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The ways getting fit is like managing money

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

I'm no expert on money but reading an article the other day on investing and superannuation reminded me how I've often thought that finance is like fitness. Here's why: 1. BOTH INVOLVE CONSISTENT DEPOSITS TO MAKE PROGRESS About 9 months ago I set up some automatic transfers to build my Superannuation and Share portfolio in a more consistent and systematic way. In isolation each transaction isn't an awful lot but over the course of a couple of years it will be, similarly in order to make significant change to fitness it really does take that same consistency over time. If you were to reflect on the past 2 years and how many 'workout deposits' you've made it'll reflect how you are going physically. Incredible intensity of effort or a fantastic program will never be a substitute for repeated moderate or basic exercise sessions. 2. DIVERSIFICATION Even with the little I know about finance I'm aware that for the most secure money management a diverse range of investments is usually recommended. The same applies to fitness, if you want a well rounded physique, longevity and optimal mental and physical health then a combination of different types of exercise and activity is wise. This is sometimes referred to as cross training and not only reduces risk of overuse injuries but helps to keep it interesting. A nice mix could include some weight training, cycling, walking, core stability exercise and stretching- possible both within 1 workout or over the course of a week. If injury, time or inaccessibility to equipment mean some of those aren't possible you could opt for 1 or more of the others.

3. PROGRESS IS RARELY LINEAR Just as the Share & Housing markets change in an irregular and slightly unpredictable way, so too does the typical weight loss/gain journey. Even with great consistency of effort the process of fat loss for instance tends to be sporadic. Plus challenges typically arise in the form of injuries, illness, holiday's, stress and periods of reduced motivation. Keeping it real with the often erratic nature of progress with fitness helps with riding the waves and sticking at it. 4. YOU HAVE TO WEIGH UP RISK V REWARD Having most of your money in a term deposit account obviously isn't going to make you a fortune in the short to medium term, however you have that greater level of security, which a more speculative investment of course won't provide. By the same token if you walk for 30 minutes 5 times per week it's going to be good for your well-being without making you super fit. Conversely committing to running a marathon in 5 months time will rapidly enhance aerobic fitness but with that comes the real risk of injury and illness through potentially getting run down. It's about keeping that risk versus reward in mind and making an informed choice. 5. THERE IS NO 1 WAY! Just as many people have gotten filthy rich through property, shares & business investment, so to have people transformed physically through weight training, running, yoga and umpteen other ways. What works will vary dependent on personality, body type, stage of life, previous activity level, motivation and more. There you have it. If you want to get in the black with your fitness and add wealth to your health, why not have a look at how I can help or get in touch with any questions.


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